I went for Koni STR.Ts as I heard they were designed more for comfort, but they're still bloody firm! I got my shocks changed at around 147,400 miles. Finance available . Was £516.00 INC VAT. KONI STR.T Features: Entry level performance shock absorber; Complements lower springs; Perfect for OE replacement or vehicle improvement; Non-adjustable; Lifetime Warranty; KONI Fitment: 3 Series (E30) 6 cyl. Koni STR.T Shock - Front Left :: 2010-13 Mazda 2. $157.99 - $506.99. Koni STR.T (Street) Suspension Kit Mercedes CLK Class (W209) Coupe CLK500 03.02 > 09 40mm F, 40mm R Koni STR.T dampers combine Koni quality, performance and technical know how with an unbelievable price tag! Search. Related Products. Add to Wish List. Koni STR.T Suspension Kit. Besides the standard features you get in every KONI, we offer 3 productlines aimed to specific usergroups, the red KONI Special, the yellow KONI Sport and the black KONI Classic. Koni (8050 1042) STR.T Rear Shock for Mazda Miata. Please try again later. The Koni STR.T Orange is designed to give your sports car a performance upgrade without the jarring ride or bounciness sometimes associated with stiff performance suspensions. Save 23 % £399.91 INC VAT £333.26 EX VAT. All formats. Was £582.00 INC VAT. Externally Adjustable: These dampers can be adjusted, literally at the turn of a knob (or sweep window as in figure 1), a technique borrowed from Formula-1 racing where KONI dampers have dominated the field for years. The A/V Receiver or Soundbar Does Not Send the 4K Signal to the TV Using an HDMI Connection Make sure all of the devices are compatible with … Search. Building upon many years of success with KONI Sport and FSD product lines for these cars, KONI brings the STR.T to round out the offering for all customer needs and budgets. Securely plug your device to a working wall outlet. Thanks KONI RV & Heavy Duty Truck Dampers. KYB's would be the best choice for a direct OEM replacement and have lifetime warranty. Both companies look back on many years of experience in motor racing including Formula 1 and the DTM. With Koni STR.T you are still benefiting from perfect road holding and optimum handling, but without the ability to adjust the rebound damping level of your suspension. The "manual" that comes with the STR-DN1040 is pretty useless and I'm hoping I've just missed something. Koni STR.T Orange shocks are custom valved by Koni’s engineers to provide a balance between performance and comfort. My Stereo System Won't Turn On. Remove any … 2 global ratings | 2 global reviews There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Designed for everyday street use, the STR.T line combines improved performance and economical pricing for an outstanding value package. Don't know about the H&Rs, but I've heard Bilstein's are very firm. Shop with Afterpay on eligible items. Filter by. Whether you use your truck for daily driving, carrying loads, or for towing your weekend toys, KONI’s new LT Series provides the performance edge over factory and replacement grade dampers. Brand: Koni. $225.99 - $674.99. Save 11 % £451.37 INC VAT £376.14 EX VAT. I ordered the Konis through 9K Racing … Plus they have lifetime warranty. Sort by. by Koni. Almost all KONI externally adjustable dampers are quickly and easily adjusted by placing a KONI knob on the adjuster tab that sticks out of the top mounting threading. $148.99 - $369.99. KONI's for optimal performance. IN THIS ADVERT WE OFFER YOU A COMPLETE KIT OF 4 SPORTS SHOCK ABSORBERS SPECIFIC FOR : bmw serie 3 AND 36 … This kit is comprised of KONI STR.T. I can't see why the Koni STR.T wouldn't be a good choice. As shown on the knob, turn counter clockwise for firmer, clockwise for softer. Please try again later. Per Unit: Prices from $.00. Whether you use your truck for daily driving, carrying loads, or for towing your weekend toys, KONI’s new LT Series provides the performance edge over factory and replacement grade dampers. STR-DN1080 HDMI-a issue I have just purchased this AV receiver along with a Samsung UE49NU7100 TV. KONI Sport Dampers – Full Soft Setting: The traditional yellow Sport dampers allow the user to adjust the rebound setting to their personal liking. Related Products: Bilstein B8. Add to Wish List. If you daily drive your car, go this route. The key difference is that KONI Sport is adjustable while the Koni STR.T is not. See All Buying Options. Shop today! How are ratings calculated? KONI STR.T – LT Series is the next generation of performance truck shock absorbers that offer superior body motion and load control, and improved comfort. There are no kits for this product. KONI STR.T (Street) Orange Rear Shock - E30 325e 325i, E36 318ti (8050 1138) Entry level non-adjustable performance shock for OE or lowering springs. $125.99 - $416.99. KONI Special Series Shocks and Struts . How does Amazon calculate star ratings? H&R Sport Suspension Kit. Finance available. View Product. Free delivery and returns on eBay Plus items for Plus members. Any one tried koni str shocks with original springs on a 2.4 jtd Click to expand... Hi, I had massive problems with these as the Konis are different from the Alfa original. Associated Part Numbers: KON 8250 1021, KON-8250-1021, KON.8250.1021, KON82501021. Showing 1-3 of 3 reviews. I've recently gotten some Koni STR.T Orange shocks installed on my 2000 Civic EX coupe. KONI Heavy Track Series Shocks and Struts. 92 Items. First of all there is a difference in basic shock design: KONI Sport is adjustable, KONI STR.T is not. Customers who purchased this part … Koni (8050 1056) STR.T Rear Shock for Honda Accord. WE ARE HAPPY TO OFFER YOU THE NEW LINE OF ROAD SPORT SHOCKS KONI STR.T SHOCK ABSORBERS KONI STR.T S INDICATIVE IMAGE CHOOSE THIS KIT IF: -> YOU WISH TO INSTALL A QUALITY PRODUCT ON YOUR CAR, DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED IN EUROPE! KONI’s entry level performance STR.T (pronounced “Street”) shocks and struts bring improved handling and KONl quality to the budget minded driving enthusiast. Makes you feel every pot hole, God only knows what the Bilstein's would have been like. shock absorbers and custom-made lowering springs from H&R. BMW Koni STR.T Shock. All reviewers. KONI is proud to announce the new entry level performance KONI STR.T struts and shocks for the 2007-2013 Mazdaspeed3 and 2005-2015 Mazda5. Supported Models STR-DH590 STR-DH770 STR-DH790 STR-DN860 STR-DN1060 STR-DN1070 STR-DN1080 STR-ZA1000ES STR-ZA2000ES STR-ZA3000ES STR-ZA2100ES STR-ZA3100ES STR-ZA5000ES Unsupported Models STR-DN840 STR-DH550 STR-DH750 . All reviewers. View Product. I reused the OEM springs, so I thought it would make for a very scientific and unbiased review since the only variable being changed is the shocks. The experience gained along with the technological developments flow directly into the companies' product development. Do not make the mistake of putting coil overs on your car. KONI Classic Series Shocks and Struts. KONI STR.T – LT Series is the next generation of performance truck shock absorbers that offer superior body motion and load control, and improved comfort. Koni STR.T shocks (8750-1101L) are ideal replacements for the worn original-equipment Mazda shocks. All stars. Style: Rear Change. Fitment; Kits & Compatibility; Related Products; Customer Reviews; Tech Articles; Kits & Compatibility. These shocks can be... Part Number: 77102 Our Price $135.00 . Check if there's a light indicator on your stereo system after you complete each step. Koni STR.T front struts 8750 1098 Koni STR.T rear shocks 8050 1129 H&R Sport lowering springs 51868 Moog (SPC) rear control arms RK100391 Moog front strut mounts K160222 KYB front top spring mounts SM5760 KYB front bottom spring mounts SM5707 Installation I installed the suspension over Labor Day weekend with my cousin in my garage. They would be a bit more stiff than stock so should compliment your springs nicely without murdering your ride quality completely. Perfect blend for a daily driver. I have Koni STR.Ts on my 2K GT convertible (stock springs)...they were a great upgrade from the worn out OEM and are completely capable blasting around the local mountain twisties. Per Unit: Prices from $.00 . $237.99 - $1,406.99. Koni STR.T Suspension Kit. Both companies can look back on many years of experience in motor racing, such as in Formula 1 or the DTM. The advantages for the customer are obvious. 4 cyl., M3 & iX AWD 3 Series (E36/5) 318ti Compact excl. A technological partnership between KONI and H&R has resulted in the STR.T Kit. KONI FSD Shock Absorbers. The problem is that there's no audio from the TV via the amp. Bilstein B6 Performance Strut; Bilstein B6 Performance Strut. From the United States Will. Write a review . coupe, sedan & convertible RWD excl. I was on the OEM shocks and they were so bouncy and worn out. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Whether to simply refresh and upgrade a stock vehicle or to match with other modifications, KONl STR.T provides performance at a value price point. Article ID : 00032600 / Last Modified : 04/01/2019. KONI Shocks & Struts Components. Koni STR.T (Street) dampers - a high quality uprated sports damper that is designed to work with either the cars original springs or with performance lowering springs. Per Unit: Prices from $.00. If you need model-specific information to complete any step, check your manual. Koni Special Active Shock; Koni Special Active Shock. Applicable Products and Categories of This Article. Save 23 % £451.04 INC VAT £375.87 EX VAT. Text, image, video. I also installed bigger sway bars (SR brand). The STR.T Kit from KONI comprises KONI STR.T. Koni STR.T Shock - Front Right :: 2010 … At first the ARC via HDMI worked fine (literally for an hour). Fantastic handling though. Bilstein B8 Performance Plus Shock; Bilstein B8 Performance Plus Shock. See All Buying Options. 294.00. Our kits complete the program, which combine the excellent KONI shocks with springs, at your convenience. Was £501.53 INC VAT. All stars. Price: $57.04. Picture is Koni STR.T Struts/Shocks, Ford Racing K Springs, J&M adjustable panhard bar, 18x9 255/45/18 and 18x10 275/40/18. KONI… Some externally adjustable shocks use an adjuster window instead (Figure 1) of a tab. Our STR.T shockabsorber is the perfect choice for those who desire excellent KONI quality and simple, non-adjustable performance. Get the best deals on KONI Car & Truck Shock Absorbers & Dampers. Sony Support STR-DH520. $580.99 - $1,201.99. Koni STR.T LT Series; Koni STR.T LT Series. Related Products: Shocks. Text, image, video. 92.00. Finance available. Sort by. shock absorbers and custom-made lowering springs from the company H&R. Performance. KONI STR.T Suspension Kits. Top reviews. $9.99 - $629.00. Top rated. By means of a knob damping forces can be altered to driving conditions or personal preferences. The best KONI shock for lowering springs with adjustable rebound (cars without self-leveling) Price: $182.28. But when I came to switch on next time it wasn't working. I get audio if I use anything else via the amp such as my PS4 or streaming music over the network, so I suspect it's something not set up right with ARC. Every Koni Orange is custom tuned to provide the best performance and ride possible for … Your spine will thank you. KONI Sport Yellow Adjustable Rear Shock - E34 525i 535i 530i 540i. Koni really knocked it out of the park with this series. I won’t go too in-depth on the installation since … KONI STR.T for MAZDASPEED3 & MAZDA5. Filter by. by Koni. Warranty Info: Limited Lifetime. For more than a decade, … Quantity in Stock: Time to Ship: Weight: 10 lbs. KONI Sport shock absorbers were developed for sporting drivers by focusing on exceptional road holding and handling properties, combined with an acceptable level of comfort. Write a review. All three lines are perfectly adjusted to individual drivers' needs: Special - for car enthusiasts who want to raise road-holding, comfort and safety to the top level. Built using Koni's quality, performance and technical knowledge, each damper is assembled with an uprated setting that Koni engineers have calculated for the optimum sports ride. The advantages for the customer are obvious.
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